The Williams College Class of 1969 held a Reunion Seminar on June 8, 2019 (exactly 50 years after graduating on June 8, 1969) with the subject of reexamining two books that the class had been asked to read and discuss during orientation week in September 1965. They were “The Image” by Kenneth Boulding and “Science and Human Values ” by Jacob Bronowski . The seminar panel comprised Laurence McCullough , Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics, Baylor College of Medicine, Robert Kandel, a prominent real property lawyer/developer , former New York City Commissioner of Economic Development and currently Chair of Berkshire Farm and Services for Youth in Canaan, New York and Lloyd (all Williams ’69). With some minor reference to the two works, Lloyd’s comments were about a different “Image” the one humans have at the last moment of life, what shapes the hoped for last image and how those aspirations affect the way we live our lives.